The movie „STALLION KAMYAR® – of the stable BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER by Bastian Lee Jones won 2023 EQUINALE

The movie „STALLION KAMYAR® – of the stable BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER by Bastian Lee Jones won


He produced it, he wrote the only symphony for a horse – and what a horse! He sent it in. And he won an EQUINALE 2023 First Prize (category: advertisment clip): the composer, musician, coach, photographer, videographer and entrepreneur: Bastian Lee Jones. With and for the very special horse: „Stallion Kamyar®“ – the most beautiful straight Egyptian black stallion of Germany (for some even of Europe!). The offspring with an exquisite pedigree, a horse, which is a registered trademark, and the only horse a contemporary classical symphony was written to!

The three day 2023 EQUINALE took place in the mundane castle Schloss Neuhof in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Schloss Neuhof seems like an island of creativity. And the other presentations of the festival´s contribution must have been grant! The open air show, the after show talks must have been thrilling as well!.

Billboard of the winning clip „Stallion Kamyar® of the stable BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER ©2023 photo & design by Bastian Lee Jones

Unfortunately Bastian Lee Jones and lawyer Sandra Diana Vetter must´ve cancelled their personal appearance due to illness shortly before departure. „The unbearable heat“, said Bastian Lee Jones, “and these horrible headaches!“.

„Stallion Kamyar®“ in his prime of 10 years was bred by Achim Dirnhofer, raised at the stud „Valentina Arabians“ by Kerstin Schaab in Bavaria and was bought by Sandra Diana Vetter some years ago. „Stallion Kamyar®“ is very people-related and pure. A straight Egyptian. And black! Besides the English Thoroughbred horses, the straight Egyptian horses are the most expensive ones, mainly bred for beauty shows but also used and bred for becoming great racehorses. „Stallion Kamyar®´s“ pedigree is exquisite only to mention some of his ancestors: Sire Siraj, son of the most beautiful Karimah – her father is famous Simeon Sadik (his grandfather was two times World Reserve Champion, All Nation Cup Reserve Champion and Golden Ribbon winner), or Morafik (his father Nazeer was a century stallion, Mohafez,  who had special abilities of moving, turn of foot etc.!) Please have a look on: „Stallion Kamyar®“ is a descendant of the Kohaylan Rhodan tribe. We say: „Thank you to „Stallion Kamyar®“ – for your elegance, beauty, passion and for being our wonderful horse!“


The mostly animated short advertisement clip with and about – some say Europe´s most beautiful Egyptian fullbred black stallion – „Stallion Kamyar®“ – features the beautiful and special way of „Stallion Kamyar®´s“ physical and athletic ways of moving. Through the shere minimalism of black animation on white background, we can admire the straight Egyptian black horse´s way of throwing its mane, galopping and hitting hooks while he is neighing and wheezing. Black, white and gold are used in the winning shortfilm trailor and these colours are also used as main colours of the moviemaker´s luxurious and unique and popular eventlocation, regulalry used as photostudio, filmstudio, for high-class class red-carpet cat-walk shows. It is called „BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER“, located in the City West of Berlin close to famous Kurfürsten Damm and Messe Berlin. (

The BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER is also the law firm of Bastian Lee Jones´ in house lawpoint layer (who is specialized in equine law, copyright law, trademark rights, patent law etc.), Mrs Sandra Diana Vetter. Mrs. Vetter is the talented horse-business woman, owning, seeking out and buying special horses. So she did with „Stallion Kamyar®“ – whom she legally transformed into a registered trademark! Sandra Diana Vetter is a very capable talent scout for special horses and the professional business lady with her vision and her own challenges, finding her way into, making great strides into this tough horse business with many pitfalls. Bastian Lee Jones and Sandra Diana Vetter are besides the business – a loving couple with big future visions. They are planning a special huge event next year, featuring Arabian horses, in Berlin. Arabian horse people, fans, investors and sponsors who are interested in supporting an unseen event with these kind of beautiful horses, shall feel free to get in contact.

The moviemaker, Bastian Lee Jones runs his own company, the Bastian Lee Jones Mediagroup®. A crucial part of the Mediagroup is LebenslustTV® Ltd., a limited, based in London and Berlin. Starting out as radio producer of his own radio-show, the company now takes care about assorted artists and produces mainly PR media for companies and projects, such as advertisement movies, music-videos, trailers, photos, graphics and animations etc.

„Stallion Kamyar®“ is also the only horse in the world, a symphony was written to – and that fantastic piece of music, which acustically and musically set the pace of that thrilling winning trailer, depicts the wildness, elegance, speed and grace of that unique stallion. Listeners of the music will be absorbed into it. Most of them are seeing with their inner eyes a herd of wild galloping horses in the desert, at the beach during sunset or whatever else. René Schostak produced that symphony and realized fantastically the composition and accoustic vision of Bastian Lee Jones (Link to the ouevre of the composer, songwriter, singer and pianoplayer:

A main thriving motive is set against an uplifting legato string and choir melody. Upbuilding repeatings in pizzicato, echoing and culminating into a trap and electro music techno finale. The music is unpublished yet and might be published on the artist´s own record label, called EARMErecords (LC29347), which is also part of the Bastian Lee Jones Mediagroup®.

Link to the „Stallion Kamyar®“ Symphony composed by Bastian Lee Jones

Besides the special Arabian Horse event next year, the couple is bringing their English thoroughbred racehorse talent „BANDERAS“ on the turf this year. They are planning a documentary about BANDERAS and a big film production about one of the most famous racehorses ever. Besides some classical music albums and pop/rock songs Bastian Lee Jones intends to publish soon, the couple feels very much fullfilled and happy about the won prize!

Thank you to the jury and to the Equinale!


Winning movie:

Bastian Lee Jones



©2023 written by Bastian Lee Jones